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The Ultimate Aldean, a tribute to country superstar Jason Aldean, has had an amazing first 6 years performing nationally from coast to coast for cheering crowds, some of up to 6,500 fans. 


The highlight of the band’s career was on November 6th, 2018 when he performed at Jason Aldean’s Rooftop Kitchen and Bar located downtown Nashville. This was an amazing collaboration between TC Restaurants and Hello Nashville to bring the tribute band to the corporate event that had 2000 attendees. The band made history that night. Not only did the band perform a full show at the venue but the Ultimate Aldean Experience is the first tribute to ever perform downtown Nashville at a current country artist’s named establishment.

Wyatt and Jason are the same age, both share the love for music and while Wyatt is so dedicated to delivering such an authentic performance that Wyatt has even gone as far as getting strikingly similar tattoos that match Jason Aldean’s. Wyatt’s dedication has won him multiple radio contests, landing him prizes including, "Best Look-Alike" and even a Grand Prize of an all-

expenses paid trip to Las Vegas to attend the 2016 ACM Awards. This was an exciting event for Wyatt because this was the first year Jason Aldean received the Entertainer of the Year award. Since then, in April 2019 Jason Aldean received the highest award a country artist could receive "Artist of the Decade"  

Though most careers of tribute artists end in Las Vegas, Wyatt's career performing the Ultimate Aldean Experience began in Las Vegas. In 2013 Wyatt West starred in the show "Country Superstars" located on the Vegas strip. From there his career has soared, Wyatt has done several television interviews, played guitar for country artist James Otto, performed at corporate events, state fairs, casinos, theatres, and many other venues.

Wyatt held a 2-month residency at Harrah's Casino in Reno, a 2-week residency in Harrah's Casino Laughlin, and has opened for the country act Lone Star performing with a couple of friends that pay tribute to Toby Keith and Kenny Chesney.


By far, the accolades from Live Nation recognizing Wyatt West as "The World's Greatest Tribute to Jason Aldean", has fueled Wyatt to continue to work hard and strive to stay true and authentic to Jason Aldean's music, for many years to come.

Jason Aldean's record label owner, Benny Brown, mistakes Aldean's tribute artist for Jason himself at the 2015 ACM Awards in Las Vegas.

Many of Jason Aldean's fans are now attending both, Jason's concerts and the Ultimate Aldean's concerts, but why?


Being awarded ACM's "Entertainer of the Year" for 3 consecutive years and the current "Artist of the Decade", which only 6 artists have received since back in the '60s, most people know Jason Aldean, but who is the Ultimate Aldean?


Wyatt West is the Ultimate Aldean, a singer that looks strikingly similar to Jason Aldean. So much so, that while Wyatt was attending the ACM Awards in Las Vegas back in 2015, Broken Bow records owner, Benny Brown, mistakenly said, "Hey Jason" to Wyatt as he was walking by there's something that doesn't happen every day.


In 2011, after Jason released the hit song "Dirt Road Anthem", Aldean fans started approaching Wyatt a few times a day asking Wyatt if he was Jason Aldean. By 2012, Wyatt realized there was an opportunity sitting in front of him and has been performing as the Ultimate Aldean since 2013. Did he make the best of it? I would say he did. 

In case you're wondering, the picture above is Wyatt West, not Jason Aldean. The Ultimate Aldean Experience is a tribute to Jason Aldean. They tour internationally, performing a full-blown, non-stop, 2-hour set of Aldean's hottest songs. Wyatt has Jason's mannerisms down so well that it's hard for fans to tell the difference between them. From the beginning of his journey, Wyatt's dedication has even led him to get similar tattoos as Jason. Why they may not be totally identical, they are real, and you would have to be a die-hard Aldean fan to see the small changes in the artwork.

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